Who Suffers the Cold?

It was four degrees Fahrenheit tonight and getting colder. I thought of those who choose or are forced by circumstances to live “on the street.” They are called the homeless and some seek the streets because of fear of shelters and other group environments. They include the severely mentally ill, those too poor to pay for housing and others with no social safety net. Often they do not have warm clothing to brave the frigid temperature. They may be found in hospital emergency rooms suffering from frost bite. Some sleep in cars and can only bathe in a restaurant restroom, if at all. Some die unable to protect themselves having not found warmth and shelter. As a nation we are told we have great prosperity at our doorstep; but for others, there appears to be no sharing of the promises of wealth and success of our country .
Let us look at the demographics of homelessness in Cleveland and find a way to include them in the promise that America will be great again.
We see that minorities are over represented among the homeless, and this reflects the great social and economic vulnerability of minority groups. Before we all can sleep in true warmth, peace and comfort, let us remember those who cannot. We must dedicate ourselves to finding true solutions for social inequality in 2018.

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