As November Approaches

As November approaches and with it an
election that may be the most important in
recent history, for our nation and the world, a
few thoughts about leadership are in order. An
interesting book was written by Al Gini and Ronald M. Green
(©2013 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) The book is titled: 10 Virtues
of Outstanding Leaders: Leadership & Character
The authors list 10 traits vital to leadership for us to
consider. Here are the traits which are certainly worth
reflecting upon at this precarious time in our nation’s history.
The top 10 virtues of outstanding leaders are deep honesty,
moral courage, moral vision, compassion and care, fairness,
intellectual excellence, creative thinking, aesthetic sensitivity,
good timing, and deep selflessness.
 Leadership is more than a title, occupation, or superior
knowledge or skills—it is a non-autocratic relationship
between leaders and followers who have common
interests and objectives. Leaders have power, but they are
committed to their values and high ethical standards.
 Character is the key defining characteristic of leadership.
Ethical leadership stems from good character.
 Good character requires integrity and a sense of duty and
 Ethical leaders put the needs of their followers (or
employees) and customers ahead of their own needs.
 Their greatest concern is the common good.
 The best leaders exhibit most of the key moral virtues, but
they do not need to exhibit all of them.
This list is certainly not all inclusive. Few lists of traits are.
The traits mentioned are none the less vital and worthy of our
consideration. One would be proud to see these traits in our
offspring. Perhaps that is a good test in our decision making. Is
our candidate one with behaviors and traits we would like to
see in our children and grandchildren. No candidate is perfect
but high ethical behavior and ethical standards are essential to
assuming such an important leadership role. Clearly a leader is
not one who fosters hate and division. In our time such a leader
can have a terrible capacity to destroy. That is something, I
think, few of us want.
Fondly submitted,
For the Diversity Committee

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1 Response to As November Approaches

  1. kathe1223 says:

    You are right on target again!

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