Who Can represent us in Washington?

As I listen to the rhetoric shared during the current election season, I am once again perplexed about who would be my choice for president. I look at Hilary Clinton, and if I were going to vote on intellect and success as a professional in the legal field, she could be a choice. On the other hand, as I reflect back upon the negativity that surfaced as she began losing ground to President Obama in 2008, and the additional behaviors since that time, I have major doubts. I fear that Clinton determined long ago that she was going to be the first woman president, and she is so determined to reach that goal, that there is an air of entitlement that leaves me neutral if not slightly cold once again. I don’t know how Hilary Clinton would change the world, but I do observe that she seems to work well as an individual, but not so much as a leader/delegator. She doesn’t come across as a team player. Perhaps that is the lot of women in a man’s world, but I would hope in the 21st century a few women may have found a way around that very obvious obstacle.

I am tired of lies and provocative behavior.   Any woman can be just as dishonest, vengeful and calculating as a man. Women are capable of being self-serving. I don’t underestimate the variety and complexity of personality traits among female peers. I respect the diversity among the group, and I don’t expect “Pollyanna” behaviors from women tycoons. If I support equal treatment–which includes pay equity, and access to the most responsible jobs in the country–I also expect high ethical standards, and transparency from my “lady” leaders. I will not judge questionable behavior by a woman any less or more harshly than I would evaluate a man. I will not be voting for a woman simply because she is a woman, just as I didn’t vote for the current President because of his ethnicity.

With that in mind, I must remark about Sarah Palin. I questioned her intellect and abilities when she was McCain’s running mate.   Absolutely nothing has changed my opinion of her for the better. I was in Alaska and I certainly did not see Russia. I have nothing against hunters, but I want my leaders to be refined as well as assertive or adventurous. Making derogatory and inflammatory remarks can lead our country into more danger and division. Once again, a woman who just needs to return to the spotlight is scary, perhaps useful, but not leadership material.

I questioned the timing of S. P.’s run for vice president when her teens needed to be monitored. The daughter has birthed two children, by two different men and has never been married. That situation supports my belief that the priority in 2008 should probably have been keeping up with her children. Women can aspire to be whatever they want to be, but a responsible person keeps that in mind as she is making life choices.   Woman can do many things, but often not at the same time.

Bristol Palin became a “star” and representative for positive choices that she didn’t embrace herself. Having a baby at seventeen, which could happen to anyone, was not an example that other teens should copy. Had the Obama girls participated in the kinds of behaviors of the Palin children, there would have been a public outcry. Those poor children have been criticized for simply not smiling at an event.

The final straw was for the President to be blamed because Track Palin attacked his mate. Instead of spending the time at a forum endorsing Trump, she probably should have been seeking help for her son, the accused abuser, she claims is suffering from PTSD. The family has the resources and connections to seek help, and she should be using them. There was no public outcry from her when other veterans were in the same predicament.

I would really like to see a woman become the president of this country as well as many more women participating in other top leadership positions. I expect better behavior from the women, not because they have to perform better than men, but because the citizens deserve the best leadership possible.   The women know how tough this journey has been, and they must act accordingly. I don’t want champions of causes who are only concerned when issues hit home. In this diverse nation, the personal challenges vary, and a leader must try to consider how resources can be allocated to do the most good for the most people. I don’t care about individual lifelong dreams if the impact of the individual achieving those goals is not productive for the world in which we live. I am concerned that it is so difficult to participate in the elective process, and I am disappointed that there are so few viable choices, as the “woman most likely” has some major lapses in behaviors. Perhaps this is the best that can be expected of politics in America at this time, but I certainly hope this is not so.

Fondly submitted

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