Your Help is urgently Needed!

HB194 — Yet another example of a few people making it difficult for many to vote. Fair Elections Ohio is seeking to repeal House Bill 194, because it is believed to make it harder for voters such as the elderly, poor and minority residents to participate in Ohio elections. Among the concerns are that the bill short-ens Ohio’s early voting period that enabled people to register to vote and cast a ballot on the same day and moved next year’s presidential primary from March to May. Election boards will send absentee voting application to eligible
voters who request them. If someone mistakenly votes in the wrong precinct, then votes don’t have to be considered as provisional, and if they are in the wrong place, no one is responsible for informing them of this. There will also be limited early voting opportunities on the weekend. The
for proof of identity would make it necessary for people to purchase a state identification if they don’t have a driver’s license —does this seem like a poll tax?
If successful, this referendum will delay the effective date of House Bill 194 until after next year’s (2012) general election. Clearly these new requirements could have negative impact on the 2012 presidential election. No matter what your party affiliation, surely, having worked so hard for equity, you couldn’t support making it difficult for others to exercise their rights as citizens!
Remember the silos of self-interest? When we support each other in the fair fights that affect us as individuals, we have a greater chance of having allies when we are in need our-selves. Remembering most of us are in the same leaky boat might help us to work together to keep it from sinking.
If you are asked to sign the petition, please remember how long women waited for the right to vote and help stall the use of an attempt to disenfranchise groups of the population. It is not reasonable to make it more difficult for people to vote rather than simpler. 231,000 signatures are
required by September 29, 2011 in order for this issue to appear on the November 2012 ballot. Please find out where you can sign, if nobody contacts you.

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1 Response to Your Help is urgently Needed!

  1. Kathe Mayer says:

    Let’s work to keep the vote open for everyone over 18 who has registered to vote & help to get folks registered and encourage all to vote.

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