The Holidays Continue

The Holidays Continue
The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is past and hopefully we are left with warm memories of good times and meaningful observances with family and friends. For those of us who wish the holidays weren’t over there is good news. . . they aren’t. January and February hold many important dates to consider, observe and celebrate. Here, brought to us by the University of Michigan is an impressive, but not all encompassing, list to remind us of the diversity and complexity of our celebratory world.
January 2011
1 Mary, Mother of God — Catholic Christian
Feast of St. Basil — Orthodox Christian
Gantan-sai (New Years) — Shinto
5 Twelfth Night — Christian
Guru Gobind Singh birthday — Sikh
6 Epiphany — Christian
Feast of the Theophany — Orthodox Christian
Dia de los Reyes — Hispanic Christian
Nativity of Christ — Armenian Orthodox Christian
7 Nativity of Christ — Orthodox Christian
9 Baptism of the Lord Jesus — Christian
13 Maghi — Sikh
16 World Religion Day — Baha’i
17 Blessing of the Animals — Hispanic Catholic Christian
18-25 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity — Christian
19-21 Mahayana New Year — Mahayana Buddhist
19 Timkat — Ethiopian Orthodox Christian
20 Tu B’Shevat — Jewish
25 Conversion of Saint Paul — Christian
February 2011
2 Candlemas — Christian
Presentation of Christ in the Temple — Anglican
Imbolc Lughnassad — Wicca/Pagan—
northern and southern hemispheres
Setsubun-sai — Shinto
Chinese New Year — Confucian, Daoist, Buddhist
6 Four Chaplains Sunday — Interfaith
Triodion begins — Orthodox Christian
8 Vasant Panchami — Hindu
14 Saint Valentine’s Day — Christian
15 Nirvana Day — Buddhist, Jain
Mawlid an Nabi — Islam
18-25 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity — Christian
24 Saint Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist — Christian
26-March 1 Intercalary Days — Baha’i
27 Meatfare Sunday — Orthodox Christian
So when we think our holiday and our culture are the “only games in town” these calendars are here to remind us what a rich, complex and varied world we have to live in and enjoy.
The celebrations and observations continue. Let us hope for an early Spring this year.

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2 Responses to The Holidays Continue

  1. Kathe Mayer says:

    Amazing how the important holidays from various cultures have become “mainstream” American. I’m thinking of Valentine’s Day and the lunar or Chinese New Year that are celebrated in the local media. Enjoy which ever one fits your life style.

    • Kathe Mayer says:

      This is a little off the subject, but how when teachers work so hard and try to provide students with a way of understanding the diverse cultures in this country do they get “slammed” by politicians and parents because they teach x and not y. Also why do administrators not back up teachers. I think many of the problems in schools could be minimized if a teacher felt comfortable sending an unruly child to the office for discipline and the parents would also back up the school. We see too many parents who think their child can do no wrong and should always get A’s even when it is obvious that the child only received 70% on his or her work!

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