Watch for AAUW Dialog Here

We’ve just begun, so come back soon to find out what’s up for dialog with Heights-Hillcrest-Lyndhurst Branch. Better yet, check out our website at When the blog’s up, there will be a link on the site’s front page.

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3 Responses to Watch for AAUW Dialog Here

  1. kathe says:

    I can’t wait to see this live soon.

  2. Kathe says:

    Just viewed the movie done by Beachwood High School students. Why were some people able to not only survive the concentration camps, but to leave the DP camps, come to Cleveland and become very successful?

  3. CJ says:

    Kathe, that is an interesting question. I’m going to relate your question to the two comments in other parts of this blog. If you believe that universal moral codes were broken in the Holocaust and the survivors were subjected to macro-aggression of the most virulent sort during WW2 then there was no ambiguity about the events they experienced. Perhaps part of what made their triumph over adversity possible was this lack of ambiguity.

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